Who is managing your online reviews?

I had a few appointments with a local chiropractor. A very good one who knows how to alleviate pain in a short few sessions and wean patients off pain medications.

Imagine a new well-equipped office, experienced owner with a number of impressive credentials and experience paired with talent, very friendly staff.

What truly surprised me about this business is a lack of online reputation. Zero Google reviews. I spoke with the practice owner and he acknowledged that reviews are very important for his business but he is waiting for happy customers to leave those ‘stars’.

I am not the type of person who would wait for anything when there is a ‘shiny object’ in town.  I want everyone to know what great service is within a short drive from anywhere around. So, I was the first one to leave a review on Google.

And you know what?

After about a week I received a notice from Google that over 250 people looked at my review. It means 250 prospective patients may consider giving a call to this practice. It means less painful backs, better health and ‘warm’ leads for the business – no paid ads involved!

I have no doubt that new patients will be lining up and the practice will be fully booked 2-3 months upfront if they asked happy customers for excellent reviews, optimized the website, kept social media accounts up to date and run a few targeted ads on a couple of online platforms. The digital ‘word of mouth’ is one of the factors that helps a local business move higher up Google rankings.

The importance of online reviews or by other words online reputation for business visibility in the digital space is undeniable.  And review management is not just about the individual reviews themselves but about image, sentiment and perception.

And then there are some questions to be answered. For example, who is going to manage online reviews and engage with the customers, how to keep track of all the platforms, should a dedicated rep be hired for handling these matters or should your staff be involved on top of their current responsibilities? What if a business has multiple locations? This seems like a huge amount of work carefully managing all reviews on all platforms.

But do not worry.

Automation comes to the rescue!

Introducing the new review building software. You will be amazed by the features (and a low price).

With Review Builder you will be able to:

  •  Defend your online business reputation by keeping negative reviews private.
  •  Manage all reviews in a single dashboard. Reply to reviewers within a short time.
  •  See all your analytics in one place.
  •  Detect business threats with 24/7/365 monitoring.
  •  Receive real-time notifications via email or text message so that threats are  resolved fast.
  •  Easily build an online presence across major platforms and ensure visibility across major review sites.
  •  Promptly deal with customer-raised issues to improve customers satisfaction.
  •  Get more positive online reviews by sending review invites to your customers via text and/or email.

Manage your online reputation by yourself or outsource account management to the agency for an affordable fee.

 As Warren Buffet mentioned, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Do not let one unsatisfied customer steal a spotlight that you built with hard work.

Need more information on review builder? Contact us today: consultant@MedianUS.com

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