5 reasons why your Facebook ads might not be working

Ever had a feeling that Facebook lead generation ads never perform and you are wasting hundreds of hard-earned dollars on this ‘sinkhole’?

Have you hired someone in the past for online lead generation or run the ads by yourself applying fancy targeting filters and achieved very minimal results?

There can be a variety of reasons why Facebook ads do not perform for local businesses as expected. Here I am going to focus on a few most-common reasons.

1.Using Facebook Page instead of Facebook Business Manager

Facebook often sends notifications to the admins of business pages reminding them to boost posts. Many beginners do invest in boosting and then assume that since no new leads showed up, Facebook advertising is not working. For local businesses, Facebook ads can perform really well, as long as they are set up correctly in business manager (business.facebook.com). That brings me to my next point.

2. Selecting the wrong objective for your ad.

If you need new leads, use lead generation or conversion campaigns. These both are geared toward collecting contact information from potential customers (leads) such as email, name, phone number, etc.

3. Are you following up?

So, you run a lead generation or conversion campaign and leads started showing up. Keep in mind that Facebook is not an instant sales machine. You attract interest online but selling for local businesses happens offline. And sales happen only when relationships are built.

Follow up with the leads while they are still ‘warm’. Establish a solid follow-up system. Use automation to your advantage. Train your front desk staff to pick up the phone and contact prospects as soon as they received a ‘new lead’ notification via email or SMS.  Do not wait for days until your campaign finished and you upload the list of leads. These leads are most likely no longer interested.

4. What is your OFFER?

Investing in lead generation or conversions campaign will not bring expected results unless you exchange something valuable for the contact details of your leads. Keep in mind that “CONTACT US” IS NOT AN OFFER. Think of a discount on your services or packages that are not usually offered. Provide high perceived value to prospective customers so that they are motivated to express their interest in your business by leaving their contact information.

5. Facebook may not be a good fit.

Facebook ads do not work for every business.

If the services you are offering are used by a wide variety of the population, your Facebook ads can be successful. If you are offering highly specialized B2B services, lead generation may not work on Facebook platform. I do encourage you to test it out with a defined budget and do the math. Think carefully about your targeted audience, right offer with a logical call-to-action, write attention-grabbing copy, design an image that stands out, establish a solid follow-up system and start running your campaign. Let ROI be your success criterion.

Need help with any element of your Facebook advertising? Then give me a call. In addition to managing campaigns, I offer consults as well. I will audit your ad and let you know what is going on and the next steps.

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