Psychology of colors in marketing

Marketing is an art. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is abstract art of communication and persuasion. Marketing also comprises real, visual, colorful art! Colors are really vital in human’s life. Different colors indicate different meanings and evoke contrasts of feelings. When you see the blue color, you generally feel peaceful and calm. When you see the color green, you sense the feeling of tranquility and serenity. Colors are firmly associated with senses and because of this very fact, colors are used widely in marketing methods and techniques.

The most prominent marketing technique is, creating brand logos. Brand logos are the first thing that customers notice. Different colors are used for different brand logos to evoke the senses of the customers towards buying the products from the brand. Also, colors are used in designing products and packaging them, so customers get directly attracted to them in just a first visual impression. Website designers thrive to fill websites with genuine hues that appeal to the customers and help them navigate better through the website. Color is the major influencer of the buying decision of a customer.

Different colors used by different businesses 

Red– red color is associated with better appetite, passion, intensity, and love. It is mostly used in restaurants to increase the appetite of customers. Also, the red color creates a sense of alarm and urgency which can give aboost to clearance sales. It is the color of love and so, clothing is often colored red to evoke feelings of love and passion in the customers.

Green– green is the color of nature. It supports notions like health, hygiene, and serenity. It is generally used in stores to create a soothing aura and give a relaxing feel to customers. Green is a symbol of growth and environmental responsibility that humans have towards nature. So, lots of stores are colored green, indicating that they support environment-friendly causes.

Blue– blue is the color for peace and truthfulness. It also increases productivity so generally it is used in offices. Blue is often associated with self-confidence which is why it’s used by financial institutions.

Yellow– yellow is a very cheerful and lively color and is associated with originality. It is a bright color and attracts the eyes really fast. It is used as a window attracter in many shops. It is also a color that children love the most. It is really compelling and can drive instant attention which is why most brand logos and products are colored yellow.

Orange– orange is the color for excitement and enthusiasm. It denotes good value and affordability. Many brands use this color as it attracts buyers by evoking a zealous feeling in them. It is also a color that indicates modern lifestyle, promotes familiarity and friendliness. This is why it is used any many modern clothing and food products.

Purple– purple is the color of royalty and wealth. It is used to portray how a product is of premium quality and is made for affluent people of society. It is also the color of beauty and many cosmetics products are packed with purple packaging.

Black– black is the color of class and sophistication. It is used in most clothing and cosmetics product as it denotes diligence. It is resonated with shine and luster.


The market is getting tougher and tougher day by day. Everyone is competing neck to neck and there is no room for ignorance. You need to be sharp and use every trick that can give you an upper shoulder from your competitors. Using the psychology of colors, you can market your business in a unique way and make your hold tighter in the market.

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