Best ways to build an email list for small businesses

Marketing techniques are changing day by day. The old methods of mouth to mouth publicity and door to door sales have palled and faded. With the rise of SEO, marketing has become a lot more complicated. But still, there is lots of importance of contacts and regular customers base. In today’s marketing world, this contact and customer base is maintained through email list building. Email list building has become a very successful marketing practice in today’s world. With that being said, it is very laborious to achieve success in it. Here are some ways through which you can build your email list and see your business soaring over the skies of sales!

Creating engaging content

If you want to get someone’s email, you need to convince them that you can provide some value to them. You can provide something exclusive and great that can add value to their life. You can do this by creating compelling content. Great content would point out towards the uniqueness of your business and how it best suits the customer’s needs. It will also describe different benefits of your business which would interest different types of customers. This way, you can gain customers attention, interest, and trust in your business. And the reward of it would be, you’ll get their emails!

Providing lead magnets

Lead magnets are amazing things! They are probably the best way to ask customers for their emails. You give customers exciting offers in return for their emails! When the customers would see the benefits of your offer, they won’t hesitate to provide you their emails and then, you could do regular business with them. But the real trick here is, the offer you provide should be something valuable and exciting. You can provide your own products for free or at a discounted price or you can offer books or free trials of your products or services. This way, you are marketing your products, as well as gaining the emails of your customers.

Social media promotions

You must have heard this many times but its significance still prevails. Social media is the best marketing platform for your brand. You can use Facebook and Instagram to promote your business to thousands of people whom you want to target. You can set up Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and expose your products and services to many potential customers. People these days, spend half of the day on social media and this is the best way to put your business in front of them. You’ll get many clicks and your email list get more leads on it.

Pop-ups technique

Pop-ups have high conversion rates in most of the websites. They may seem irritating and hindering but they can actually grab the customer’s attention to a point. You can immediately ask customers to sign up for your newsletter or ebook or any other kind of special service you can provide. This way, you can have the customers email and grow your email list.


Email list building is a very vital tactic and as a small business, you should never miss out on it. Combining a few basic ways, you can bring your list building campaign to success. It may seem a very arduous task at the start, but gradually following a few proven methods would take you to the right place.

Other important things to pay attention to:

  • Make sure that your website has visible and strategically placed lead-generating form or build a designated landing webpage for lead-generating offers
  • Create a compelling lead magnet and make it easy for the prospect to sign up and automatically receive it
  • Email remarkable content; never spam!
  • Encourage subscribers to share/forward your emails to their contacts
  • Promote an online contest (free giveaway in exchange for email)
  • Ask website visitors for feedback
  • Guest-blog for other websites with a call-to-action
  • If you have a store, collect emails while interacting with customers.

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