5 questions to ask when writing good ad copy

You finished writing your ad copy for one of the social media platforms.

You poured your heart into it. You spent a long time thinking, strategizing, crafting the key messages, writing and re-writing the segments. And, finally, the task is complete.  

The sense of relief…mission accomplished. And then these tiny sneaky voices in your head are telling you what if you could improve, paraphrase, re-write or replace. Prior excitement is gone and the feeling of dissatisfaction starts creeping in.

Sounds familiar? Well, you are not alone. It happens so often when there is no plan or checklist to follow. Save frustration, read on.

When reviewing you copy, check and see whether or not you can answer five important questions:

  1. Is your ad worthy of attention? People are scrolling down the unlimited amount of content in social media. Your ‘sponsored’ ad pops up in front of their eyes. Do you think it has what it takes to grab someone’s attention and produce the results you are seeking? Here I refer to both copy and creative assets (image/video). Does it spark an emotion, ignite curiosity, create a desire to learn more and click the link. Are you ‘speaking’ from your heart?
  1. Were you able to tune in to your customers key pain points, frustrations and/or goals? Did you show your understanding of your customers? Remember, your message needs to be personal to connect with a reader on a deeper emotional level. Be personal. Personal is equivalent to powerful. When helping others achieve goals, make sure your image or video shows exactly what it feels to have it achieved. Customers should feel that what they are seeing in the ad is the best solution for what they are facing.
  1. Did you write the way you speak? Simplicity is a big deal in copywriting. Plain language and short simple sentences allow you to connect and communicate your message clearer. 
  1. Is there a flow? Read out loud. Make sure that words, sentences and paragraphs flow from your mouth naturally, as if you are talking to your friend and enjoying the conversation.
  1. Do you have a call to action? Have you logically brought a prospective customer to actually do the ‘action’ whatever it is – click the button, claim your $37 package, sign up, etc?

There are fantastic resources on YouTube and web on how to structure very good ad copy. I haven’t covered those. The five questions suggested here are for a pre-final review and edit. Hope you found these helpful. 

If still struggling with ad copy, do not hesitate to reach out. I am offering copy review/editing or writing services.

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